1.Good quality

Aļ¼šProfessional cable manufacturers (The company was founded in 2005, has been focusing on the cable industry for 15 years)

B:Mature quality management system. (It obtained ISO9001 certificate in 2010 and lpcb quality system certification in recent years.)

C:Focusing on high-end fire resistant wire, fire alarm wire, security wire and other products, all of them can reach the first-class international level, because for many years, the quality control of high-end products requires other ordinary low-voltage cables, and we can also guarantee the quality. (Obtained LPCB, UL, CE, CPR class B, VDE and other certificates)

D.A full range of tests is reassuring. (100% incoming inspection, 100% process inspection, 100% product delivery inspection, to minimize the rate of defective products)

2.Low price High cost performance

A.Because we are familiar with the foreign trade market and understand the significance of price to foreign trade customers, we give customers provide good support at a favorable price throughout the year (our customers gained a bigger share in the market because of our preferential price, and most of the customers who cooperate with us have increased their sales year by year)

B:Low operation cost and loss enable us to obtain lower cost on the basis of quality assurance (Our company implements the strategy of reducing operation cost and loss by 1% every year, greatly reducing the additional cost)

C:The material price advantage brought by large-scale procurement (our company has many years of cooperation and stable suppliers. Due to the large-scale procurement throughout the year, we can always obtain preferential prices on the premise of ensuring quality)

3.Good service

A: The company's philosophy can meet customer needs. ("Becoming a convenient cooperative supplier" has always been our core concept)

B:Good communication with customers (We only do foreign trade, focus on serving high-end foreign trade customers for 15 years, accurately understand customers, have rich experience in cable foreign trade, there will be no deviation in all aspects of communication, timely reply to customer email)

C:Meet the customer's customized requirements and service requirements for various products (Can produce various models of products according to customer requirements, can provide a variety of packaging, can apply for certification according to customer requirements, can OEM, can meet various modes of transportation, etc.)

D:Quality commitment (We promise to compensate customers for losses caused by our company's problems)